Aaron.ai website design

Website re-design for Aaaron.ai ( http://aaron.ai ) This project was done without wireframes due to time constrains but based on best practicies. It was optimized for various devices which was my responsibilty. I also chose font and established color palette. Some of the illustrations were done by me and for some I needed some assistance from an illustrator (mentioned as a co-owner on Behance).

Aaron.ai is a hybrid SaaS solution which uses artificial intelligence to create a natural customer experience in a phone system, website and app. For launching this new tool, a re-design of an existing website was needed. The approach to it is fresh and innovative as the product itself.
For describing the way this tool works, a set of animations was created whereas a metaphor symbolizes the need of customers to have their voices heart and the way their requests are handled and processed by the too.
Thanks for watching!
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